Books about guitars

"Guitar Manual" Ralph Denyer

«The Guitar Handbook». Editorial Raíces, 1985. Translation Juan Manuel Ibeas

256 pages

Probably one of the most complete books on everything that may interest a guitarist: history, performers, types of guitars, construction, maintenance, musical theory and technique, electronics, recording, amplification... All with a deadline of 1985.

Highly, highly recommended and unfortunately hard to find these days.

"Guitar Encyclopedia" Richard Chapman

Original title «Guitar». Published by Editorial Raíces, 2001. Translation Jesús Palomo and Manuel León.

240 pages

History of the guitar, with more than 300 guitarists and composers. History of the genres including classical, folk, blues, jazz and rock among others, highly illustrated.

"2,000 Guitars. The definitive collection"

Original title «2000 Guitars. The ultimate collection» Editorial Librero, 2014. Translation Antón Corriente.

320 pages

Complete visual and historical guide to the guitar. Written by some of the world's foremost experts on the subject, the book covers the history of all guitars from classic 16th-century models to state-of-the-art electrics.

A real pleasure for the eyes of guitar lovers and an exhaustive journey through the history of brands and manufacturers from all times and all countries.

"History of the guitar and Spanish guitarists" Ignacio Ramos Altamira

Published by Editorial Club Universitario, 2017

650 pages

Origins, history and the main interpreters, facts that hardly appear in art or history books. When and where did the guitar originate? What were the guitars of other times like? Was the guitar played in other European countries? Where did the guitarists perform? What differences are there between classical and flamenco guitar? The evolution of the quintessential Hispanic instrument and the fascinating biographies of its great performers from all eras. From the Middle Ages to the present day, from the Renaissance vihuela and the baroque guitar to the classical and flamenco guitar, from Luys de Milán and Gaspar Sanz to Andrés Segovia and Paco de Lucía, passing through guitarists of enormous prestige and category unknown to the most Spaniards, such as Fernando Sor, Dionisio Aguado, Francisco Tárrega or Miguel Llobet.

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